Sleep Disorder Treatment In Somerset, NJ

Woman awake in bed and looking restless

Like air, water and food, sleep is an essential part of living a happy, healthy life. When you struggle to get adequate rest, you may experience a range of physiological and behavioral changes that leave you feeling not quite like yourself. If a sleep disorder is keeping you from living life to the fullest, Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can help.

What Are Circadian Rhythms?

We all have an internal clock that runs on a 24-hour schedule, regulating our innate body functions and helping us slip between sleep and wakefulness at somewhat predictable times. These rhythms are what make us crave a nap in the middle afternoon and feel ready for bed a few hours after dinner. Though night owls may have a circadian rhythm that looks a bit different from that of an early bird, people with circadian rhythm sleep disorders have an abnormally difficult time falling asleep when their system tells them to.

Types Of Circadian Sleep Disorders (CSDs)

There are five types of CSDs:

  • Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome/Disorder
  • Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder
  • Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome
  • Irregular Sleep-Wake Disorder
  • Shift Work Disorder

While most CSDs can be traced back to neurological causes, Shift Work Disorder is linked to social or professional influences that conflict with your natural body clock, like regularly staying out too late or working the graveyard shift.

Treating Sleep Disorders

At Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, we’ve made it our mission to help patients like you sleep and breathe better. Our team, led by Dr. Lawrence Davanzo, will meet with you and assess your concerns and overall well-being before creating a customized treatment plan perfectly suited to your needs. Our holistic, multidisciplinary approach may include treatments ranging from positive airway pressure to a specialist consultation for a mandibular advancement device. You may benefit from non-pharmacological interventions such as behavioral modifications, or you may do best with therapeutic modalities combined with supplementation or prescription medication.

Learn More About Sleep Disorders

The sooner you get help for your disrupted circadian rhythms, the sooner you can get your nights back on track. To learn more, explore this resource on circadian rhythm sleep disorders or call our Somerset, NJ, office at (732) 246-3066 to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you put your sleep problems to rest.