NJ Pulmonary Disorder And Emphysema Treatment

Doctor looking at chest X-Ray

If you’re having trouble breathing, a consult with an experienced pulmonary disorder doctor can help you understand what might be wrong and the steps possible for treating any issues. Emphysema is a common diagnosis for individuals with certain risk factors, and Dr. Davanzo and the teams at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine in Somerset, NJ, use proven diagnostic tools to confirm emphysema before treating it.

Common Emphysema Treatment Options

As with many pulmonary disorders, emphysema treatment options depend on how early the issue was caught, how severe respiratory functionality is impacted and your overall health. Treatments might include:

  • Medication, such as bronchodilators, inhaled steroids and antibiotics. These medicines are used to relieve symptoms associated with emphysema, including coughing or shortness of breath, improve lung functionality and treat any infection that might be making your emphysema worse.
  • Therapy, including pulmonary rehabilitation to improve lung functionality and help you learn ways to improve breathing even with limitations. You might also take part in nutritional therapy to help you lose weight to combat symptoms.
  • Supplemental oxygen to increase your oxygen levels, especially if you have severe emphysema.
  • Surgery to remove damaged tissue from your lungs or replace your lungs entirely if damage is too severe to correct another way.

No matter how far your emphysema has progressed, the pulmonary disorder treatment team in Somerset, NJ, offer professional care to help you improve breathing, decrease respiratory discomfort and seek a more active lifestyle.

Don’t Wait For Help With Your Pulmonary Disorder

Health issues that impact your lungs can be serious, and waiting to see a doctor can reduce the chances of a positive outcome. When caught early, emphysema is much easier to treat with noninvasive therapies and medications, so don’t wait to make an appointment with an expert pulmonary team in the Garden State. Contact Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine online or call 732-246-3066. Our office is located at 49 Veronica Avenue in Somerset, NJ.