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If you’re consistently unable to get a good night’s rest, a sleep doctor can diagnosis underlying issues and work with you to create a plan of action that helps you find your Zs. Insomnia is actually a fairly common sleep disorder that makes it difficult to stay asleep at night, fall back asleep when you wake too early or fall asleep to begin with. At Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, Dr. Davanzo and the entire sleep medicine team identify the root causes of your insomnia so they can provide effective treatment.

When To See A Sleep Doctor For Insomnia

People experience restless nights from time to time, and that’s not always insomnia. Insomnia occurs regularly and can include symptoms such as not feeling rested in the morning, trouble falling or staying asleep, mood swings or daytime irritability, stress or worries about sleep, focus issues and increased error or accident rates because you’re drowsy. If poor sleep makes it difficult to function during the daytime hours, it’s likely time to consult with an experienced sleep doctor.

Causes Of Insomnia

Insomnia can be chronic or temporary. Potential causes can include:

  • General stress or a sudden stressful event such as a divorce or loss in the family
  • Generally poor sleep habits such as irregular bedtimes and wake times, eating and drinking too much or the wrong things just before bedtime, using electronic devices in bed or an inappropriate or uncomfortable sleeping environment
  • Work schedules that play havoc with natural circadian rhythms, such as shift work
  • Medical conditions that include insomnia as a symptom, including sleep disorders
  • Mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders
  • Addiction to caffeine, alcohol or nicotine
  • Natural aging processes

How Is Insomnia Treated?

At Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, our sleep doctor tests you for various sleep disorders before developing an individual treatment plan for your insomnia. A physical exam, a review of your sleep habits and a sleep study are some ways to find the root cause of your insomnia.

Common treatment options might include:

  • Various forms of therapy to address underlying issues
  • Sleep restriction to help correct poor sleep habits
  • Light therapy to regulate your sleep cycle
  • Medications to help you fall asleep

For more information about insomnia, visit the Mayo Clinic pages on the topic.

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