Treatment For Parasomnia From Your NJ Sleep Doctor

man participating in a sleep study and a computer monitor showing his brain activityYou may be familiar with sleep apnea, but other issues can make getting a good night’s rest difficult. Parasomnia is a term for other abnormal activities that can occur while you’re sleeping and put a damper on your feelings of wakefulness and rest in the morning. The sleep doctor and team at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can evaluate your sleep habits and provide a treatment plan to reduce your parasomnia and increase your rest.

Some Examples Of Parasomnia

Common parasomnias include nightmares, sleep paralysis and sleepwalking. Other issues that might occur while you sleep include sleep aggression and REM sleep behavior disorder, which impacts your sleep cycle and keeps you from the deep, restful sleep that is responsible for rejuvenating your body. In some cases, parasomnia can even include sexsomnia, which causes individuals to carry out sex acts while they are sleeping.

These issues can occur throughout the sleep cycle and are often genetic. Other causes can include medication, brain disorders and sleep disorders.

Seeking Help From An Experienced Sleep Doctor

Parasomnia is typically treated by addressing the underlying issues — the sleep doctor at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine may be able to reduce parasomnia activity by helping you improve your sleep cycle by treating any sleep apnea or prescribing medication to assist with sleep. If the parasomnia indicates a more serious disorder, Dr. Davanzo and his team work with you to develop a treatment plan or refer you to appropriate specialists.

The National Sleep Foundation has more information about parasomnia and what you can expect if you or your loved one experiences these symptoms.

Take A Step To Better Sleep Today

No matter the reason, if you experience poor sleep, you’re likely not living the most enjoyable life possible for you. You could also be impacting the sleep and lives of those around you. Contact Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine to schedule a consultation and find out what steps might be possible to get you back on the road to regular rest.