Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment In NJ

female with tired legs in bedRestless leg syndrome can impact women and men of any age, and you may be more likely to suffer from RLS if someone in your family does. The sleep disorder causes uncomfortable sensations in your legs. Moving your legs causes the sensations to go away, but the discomfort usually returns when you lay down to rest again, making it difficult to fall asleep or go back to sleep while you’re experiencing RLS symptoms. The sleep doctor at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can help you understand your restless leg syndrome and provide treatment to reduce its impact.

Symptoms And Causes Of Restless Leg Syndrome

Individuals with RLS sleep disorder have a strong urge to move their limbs. RLS is most common in the legs, but it could occur in other areas of the body. At times, the urge to move your limbs can be overwhelming, causing your legs to twitch or jerk as you lay in bed. Movement almost immediately causes the discomfort to diminish, but the effect only lasts as long as you keep moving your legs. These symptoms tend to worsen during the evening or at night.

The causes of RLS are not completely understood, though genetics and brain functionality do play a role. Some other medical issues can cause RLS, such as an iron deficiency or end-stage renal disease. Stimulants like caffeine can also increase the symptoms of RLS. Because other types of disorders can cause symptoms similar to restless leg syndrome, it’s a good idea to see an experienced sleep doctor to rule out other issues before getting treated for RLS.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke provides an informative page on restless leg syndrome if you want to learn more.

RLS Treatment Options

Dr. Davanzo and the team at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine treat the underlying causes for your restless leg syndrome. Treatments might include iron pills and education about nutrition and lifestyle changes that could reduce RLS. Medication may be used to help reduce movements in the leg if the underlying cause of RLS can’t be corrected.

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While RLS can’t always be cured, you can get relief from the symptoms and enjoy a good night’s rest again. Contact us online or call the office to schedule an appointment with the sleep disorder team at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine.