Covid -19 Info


Dear Valued Patients and Families

May 28, 2020


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary time.  Over the past several months we have all had to adapt our lives in response to the COVID -19 pandemic. As we begin to move into a “new normal” for healthcare, we wanted to reach out and let you know about some of the additional measures we are taking to ensure your safety throughout the remainder of the pandemic and beyond.

  • Pre-Appointment Screenings & Telehealth Appointments:  Minimizing your risk of infection starts by determining whether an in-person visit is actually necessary for you.  Our staff will work with you to determine if your needs can be met through a video or telephone appointment instead.  Learn more about our video visits by visiting our website,, or calling our main office at 732-246-3066.


  • Virtual Check-In & Reduced Paperwork: Â You can complete all forms ahead of time on-line prior to your appointment, resulting in fewer papers to pass around and shorter waiting times once you arrive in the office.


  • Extended Hours & Smaller Crowds: Our telehealth appointments help us reduce the overall number of visitors at our locations to help reduce risk of COVID 19 exposure.  We’ll also be extending our usual daily hours and added Saturday morning hours, so that appointments can be spaced out farther apart to keep traffic down.


  • Facial Protection Available for All: For your safety and the safety of our staff, we have made the wearing of masks mandatory for everyone at all of our locations.   Every patient will be given a mask if they do not already have one.


  • Temperature Check Points: Temperature check points with no-touch thermometers will help us screen for COVID symptoms and keep potential infections contained and separate from our patient care delivery areas.


  • Reconfigured Waiting Rooms: Look for social distance signs on our chairs and floors to help you stay a minimum of six feet from other patients and employees at all times.  Social distancing is also practiced in common areas throughout our buildings, like elevators and lobbies.


  • Rigorous Sanitation Procedures: Our medical assistants completely wipe down the waiting room areas between each patient.  Each exam room and its medical devices are sanitized and disinfected with UV light between patient visits.


  • Air Purification and Disinfection devices: Our medical suites are equipped with state-of-the-art, highly efficient air sanitizing devices providing additional protection to our patients and staff by reducing pathogens (including the COVID 19 virus) in the workplace


  • DuraMax Extraoral Suction System: Our pulmonary function laboratory, where  all of our lung function testing is performed, is equipped with an aerosol control system that removes contaminants produced during pulmonary testing.  This system eliminates droplets, aerosols, dust and viruses, using an advanced filtration system to kill virus and bacteria with over a 99.9% efficiency.  This system dramatically reduces the potential danger from pulmonary testing and keeps the air in our office safe and clean.



We are truly grateful to be able to start expanding our pulmonary and sleep services in the coming days and weeks to our valued patients.   If you haven’t been contacted about your next appointment, please call our Somerset office at 732-246-3066 or our West Orange location at 862-520-4082.  Please also visit our website at


Sincerest regards,

Dr. Lawrence Davanzo & Staff at Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine