Pulmonary Disease Care

Pulmonary Disease Care in Franklin Township and Somerset County, NJ

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or pneumonia, pulmonary disease is difficult to live with. If your lifestyle is being limited by coughing or difficulty breathing, Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can help. We serve patients in Franklin Township, New Jersey, and throughout surrounding Somerset County with high-quality, comprehensive treatment including pulmonary disease care for all kinds of breathing problems.

Treatments Provided

At Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, our goal is to restore your lungs to their highest possible function. Every individual’s experience is different, so we take a variety of approaches to help each patient breathe easier. We may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

Inhalers and Bronchodilators

Pulmonary disease often encourages chest muscles to squeeze and retract around your breathing tubes, making it hard to get the oxygen you need. An inhaler or bronchodilator contains medicine that relaxes these muscles. As they loosen up, you’ll find breathing takes less effort and is less painful than before.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs

Healthy living with a pulmonary disease may require some adjustments. Our pulmonary rehabilitation program educates patients on lifestyle changes, disease management, and medicine administration. This education is combined with exercise programs and more to help you restore lung function and manage your symptoms independently and effectively.

Home Nebulizers

in many cases, the most effective pulmonary medicine is that administered directly to the lungs. Home nebulizers make this possible by turning liquid medicine into a very fine mist. By breathing this mist through a mask or mouthpiece, you ensure that the medicine goes directly into your lungs and respiratory system and can start working quickly and effectively.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pulmonary Care

At Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, we believe that each person is unique. Patients aren’t just their condition; they’re individuals with their own histories, lifestyles, and health goals. To provide the most effective care, we go beyond simply addressing the symptoms. We take a comprehensive approach that focuses on the whole person and their highly individual needs.

Our practice is led by Dr. Davanzo, a board-certified pulmonary specialist with over 18 years of experience serving local patients. Dr. Davanzo works alongside a dedicated team of experts in behavioral health, nutrition, respiratory therapy, and sleep medicine. By treating patients in partnership, they provide a multidisciplinary approach to medicine that combines their skills and knowledge into a more complete treatment plan. Their care is broad, thorough, and effective in treating pulmonary disease in patients of all backgrounds.

Enabling Healthier Lungs

If you or a loved one is struggling with pulmonary disease, seek help today. Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine serves Franklin Township, NJ, as well as all of Somerset County, with high-quality, comprehensive treatment. To learn more about the positive outcomes we’ve helped area residents achieve, check out testimonials from recent patients. For more information about our pulmonary disease care services, contact us today or fill out and return our New Patient Package so we can plan for your first appointment.

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Room offers on-site exercise facilities to enhance your lung function.