Asthma and Allergy Testing

Asthma and Allergy Testing in Somerset County, New Jersey

Allergies and asthma make it harder to do the things you enjoy, stay active, and attend work. To overcome these challenges, patients need to understand what triggers a reaction. Discover what’s causing your allergy and asthma symptoms with testing from Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine. Serving Franklin Township, New Jersey, and Somerset County, our asthma and allergy testing helps patients understand their most common triggers and find the relief they deserve.

Our Asthma and Allergy Testing Services

When you experience an allergic reaction, your immune system is responding to an allergen or trigger. Exposure initiates an overzealous response and symptoms that range from inconvenient to fatal. Similarly, asthma attacks occur in response to a triggering substance. Airways simultaneously contract and produce additional mucous, restricting airflow and making it difficult to breathe.

Our holistic approach focusing on treating the whole patient not just their symptoms begins here in our exam room.

While patients may be aware of some triggers, others are unfamiliar with what causes their allergies and asthma. Still more may not understand the full scope of triggers that cause symptoms. By performing the following tests, Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine can identify a patient’s triggers and the right treatments for their needs.

Skin Prick Test

When using this common testing method, your doctor places tiny droplets of 10 to 20 unique allergens on your back or arms and delivers a needle prick below each drop. Small red hives will form in any prick site that contains a trigger. Skin prick testing is fast, easy, and extremely reliable.

Blood Test

Also called an immunoassay, allergy blood testing requires a small sample of blood for laboratory analysis. The sample is examined for specific antibodies and enzymes that become active during an immune response. When high levels are present, a trigger is identified.

Is Asthma and Allergy Testing Right for You?

Allergy and asthma testing are the first steps toward an effective management plan. When patients are aware of triggers, they can take steps to avoid them, use fast-acting remedies, and more. Individuals who experience any of the following are good candidates for asthma and allergy testing:

  • Poorly controlled asthma
  • Frequent breathing difficulties
  • High risk of anaphylactic shock
  • Allergy or asthma symptoms that interfere with quality of life

Understanding your unique situation helps the Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine team determine which tests will be safe and effective for each patient. Before testing, be sure to inform your doctor if you take any antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays, or asthma medications. Because these can affect accuracy, you may be asked to temporarily discontinue use.

Find Relief for Allergies and Asthma

Even mild allergies and asthma can cause discomfort and unpleasant symptoms. To learn more about your triggers and the best testing solutions for your needs, contact Brunswick Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine. We treat the whole person, not just your symptoms, with a comprehensive approach focused on overall well-being.

For additional details about our asthma and allergy, pulmonary disease, and sleep disorder services for residents of Franklin Township and Somerset County or to schedule testing at our locations in Somerset and West Orange, NJ, please call 732-246-3066.